Monday, December 19, 2011

Vogue/ Swarovski- need I say more!?

Oh wow… I have just stumbled across the German Vogue 2012 Swarovski Horoscope calendar, and I MUST have it. Bejewelled and simply to die for, this calendar is all but a dream. Couture lingerie, fiery red headed models and drop dead amazing poses. I need to find where to purchase this little beauty from, for now, flicking through the images will have to do unless ‘Santa’ decides to drop one in my stocking (I’ll buy a stocking at lunch pre-empting Santa’s arrival!)

LK x

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lagerfield’s India…

I think you may be seeing me very soon embracing the hot new Lagerfield for Chanel trend, Indian inspired, worn as headpieces, jewels!

I absolutely LOVE the 2012 Paris- Bombay theme and will be dashing out on the double to doll myself up in something similar. Come to think of it, my recently purchased Samantha Wills L'AMOUR EN REVE NECKLACE will do just the trick!

Do love…

LK xx

Sweet dreams of Tree houses…

I had the most beautiful dream last night, it upset me towake up from it. It was the kind of dream so was semi surreal, made me feelwarm inside and I was very much in a ‘happy place’.

I’m not sure if it came after spending a day with my belovednana and family, whether it is the Christmas spirit infiltrating my semi-consciencestate or perhaps even my childhood love of cubbies and tree houses, one thing’sfor sure- I hope I dream about it again tonight!

I dreamt that I was my younger self and was going to visitmy nana. All of my cousins were meeting me there and when I arrived- nana livedin this decadent tree house. Not a normal one (we are in a dream remember!) butone that was white and had walls from lace! When I climbed up the ladder to getinto the tree house it was so much bigger than what it looked like on theoutside and nana was living in a cave of the most beautiful scarves and belts(I’m not sure why my subconscious picked scarves and belts!). All the sunshinewas pouring in the cut outs from the lace and it was all very ethereal.

My absolute favourite part of the dream was when I asked mynana why she lived in a tree house and she replied ‘Well why shouldn’t I livein a tree house?’…..

LK xx

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Positive vibes

This blog will always be for positive posts and acknowledgments... Therefore I will not mention or post photos on here reflective of today's Sydney weather.
That is all!
LK x

Quote of the day- live it xx

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy to be home...

What a change of scenery... And I couldn't be happier!
Just a day ago I was rugged up, still freezing and drinking wine for warmth.
Today, I am free as a bird, feet in the sand and eyeing of the wine I will drink to be merry!
Happy days!
Happy sunny Sydney days!
LK x

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Hollywood- with love!

Yesterday was M-A-N-I-C!!!! Do much running around to do- I swear we covered the whole of LA! There was 9:30pm Skype calls back to Sydney HQ - we were exhausted! So after all of this- we headed pool side for a late dinner and to seriously- 'defry' after a days work. And why not relax in this poolside, candle lit, ultra luxurious environment- and that we did. Can I just say- I WILL have one I these lit up 'fairy trees' in my own back yard (hello Aussie!) one day!
LK x

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sultry Santa Monica Sunsets

Walking the mall in Santa Monica, Starbucks Chai in hand, bags of shopping in the other, I was amazed at the beauty surrounding me in the natural light of a LA sunset... Take the time to experience the beauty!...
LK xx

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yesterday I was in Paris,Today- I am in love!

I have moved from my French 'boudoir' and am now residing in a decadent, palatial loft! Overlooking the sunset strip, I am left to my 'own devices' with a revolving tv set in what can only be described as a 'magic mirror'...! Decadent black, white and cream- I am in a plush heaven! Now that you have seen what it looks pre 'hurricane Lisa'.... Await to what my 'studio' will become after a few hours of work!
Ps- did I mention I LOVE the Mondarin!?
PPS- did I mention I LOVE the MALIN + GOETZ products!?